Registration information

In order to enroll in the “Second Chance School”, the interested persons are required to fill in an application form to attend the “Second Chance School” of their choice by submitting the following documents:


The required documents are:


  1. A primary school leaving certificate or a certificate of attendance in secondary school classes
  2. Certificate of Family Status of the last semester of the last semester
  3. A clear photocopy of the identity card or birth certificate or passport

If the above certificates have been issued in a country other than Greece, the documents required are as follows:


  1. Primary school leaving certificate or certificate of attendance in high school classes (Provide a photocopy of the original diploma and a certified translation of the diploma, indicating the exact grade, date and year of its acquisition)
  2. Residence permit
  3. A clear photocopy of your passport

Regarding the S.D.E. other than prisons, those interested in registering or contacting you for further information can do so during the course hours of 16:30 to 20:30 daily.

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