Second Chance Schools

The "Second Chance Schools" (S.C.S.) are public schools for adults in the field of Lifelong Learning. They are aimed at citizens aged 18 and over who have not completed nine years of compulsory education. This institution offers the opportunity to obtain a qualification equivalent to the secondary school leaving certificate (Law 4763/2020), emphasising the acquisition of basic qualifications and the development of personal skills. ΕΣΠΑ Σχολεία δεύτερης ευκαιρίας


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One of the innovations included in the Second Chance Schools is the counselling services provided by a Career Counsellor and a Psychologist Counsellor in each school.
Along with the acquisition of basic qualifications and the development of personal skills, special emphasis is placed on the use of new technologies, foreign language learning and counselling vocational guidance, which significantly improves access to the labour market.

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According to the data of the National Statistical Service, from the Labour Force Surveys, 2005, we observe that in the total population (9,102,640), 2,754,109 people have only finished primary school, of which 1,266,583 are men and 1,487,526 are women. If we want to distinguish between the age groups that, in general terms, make up the target group of the Second Chance Schools, we find that 1,669,050 have completed primary school. These numbers are already in themselves a strong argument why the Second Chance Schools are an institution that is indispensable in the Greek society of the next decade.

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The special character and physiognomy of the S.D.E. is a unique way of approaching Adult Education, as it is based on the principles of Adult Education and utilizes the methodologies that have been tested in this field, such as participatory learning, empowerment of the individual, active learning, etc. and a focus on personalisation.
The SDEs are the only structure in the field of adult education that combines the principles and methods of adult education with a formal education certification (a qualification equivalent to a high school diploma).

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