Continuation of Studies after the SCS

Actions with social impact

The curriculum of the S.D.E. in combination with the career guidance services results in the improvement of the trainees’ possibilities to access the labour market.

Upon completion of the studies at the VET schools and the award of the Diploma of Studies, those interested can continue their studies at the next levels of education.

The registration/renewal process for General and Vocational Lyceum is carried out through the e-registration platform ( ).

Learning in Europe

The European Union helps its member countries in their efforts to offer their citizens the best possible education and training opportunities. It also promotes language learning in Europe in the following ways:

  • by attracting more teachers and students to teach and learn languages
  • encouraging students, trainees, teachers and young people to travel and study/work abroad
  • creating networks for the exchange of knowledge and experience

If you want to study, train or volunteer, there are a number of EU programmes that can help you to continue your studies, improve your skills and achieve personal development in many EU countries visit the following link on the European Union website .

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